about GQ

The GQ family has been in the apparel business for over three-quarters of a century. From our modest beginnings in the 1930s as custom tailors to establishing an international brand name synonymous with quality, we have honed our skills and accumulated decades of experience in order to build a heritage of meticulous quality,sophistication, and style.

In 1966, the first GQ menswear brand was established, and since then, our reputation for uncompromising standards and high quality craftsmanship has become internationally widespread. By 1975, our brand entered the market in Malaysia, followed by Singapore, Taiwan, and Hong Kong shortly thereafter. Today, GQ apparel can be found in most Southeast Asian countries.

GQ offers a wide variety of menswear from casual wear to business attire and dress shirts. Our Smart Contemporary design concept, which resonates with sophistication and confidence, coupled with our long heritage of excellence and quality, makes the GQ brand suitable for a smart, selective clientele searching for timeless yet fashionable quality products at an excellent value.